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Stewardship Sites isn’t quite ready for automated setups, but if you are ready for one, just send me an email to and I’ll get you taken care of. 

Are you a steward? Here is your website...

Full Stewardship Site

$29/mo or $290/yr

  • ~15 GB of storage

Great for…

  • Dynamic websites
  • Dozens to thousands of pages
  • ?Hosting your own podcast?
  • Hosting a blog with a lot of content OR that has a large following

Mini Stewardship Site

$5/mo @ $60/yr

  • ~1 GB of storage

Great for

  • Landing pages on a separate domain
  • Static websites with up to a dozen pages or so
  • Sandbox for testing ideas
  • Starting a personal blog

Not Sure Which To Choose?

Start with a Mini. It’s easier to switch from a Mini to a Full than a Full to a Mini. 

All Full AND Mini Stewardship Sites come loaded with these premium WordPress Themes, Plugins, and Services...